Ian Edwards

Ian Edwards

Programme Director - Nomura Health and Fitness,
Nomura International plc

  • Developing an HR strategy focused on workplace wellbeing through the use of data, to evaluate absence and productivity and acting on these insights to drive strategic interventions that enhance employee health and wellbeing
  • Conducting six internal and external reports and using this data to create ‘The Health Blueprint’ to help deliver employee health improvements
  • Analysing data by focusing on three metrics: health changes, financial changes and health trends to create an end-of-year blueprint and outline solutions for the next financial year
  • Supporting employees’ physical and mental health through awareness programmes, an in house counsellor and support groups for specific needs such as a menopause group, one-to-one fitness and a pregnancy group

Winner of RSPH Workplace Health and Wellbeing Award 2018

Winner of Britain’s Healthiest Large Workplace Award 2018