Dhiren Master

Dhiren Master

CMO & Global Insights Director,
Salary Finance

Dhiren Master has held a number of CEO and Marketing Director positions in different industries globally: telecommunications, sporting goods, oil and gas, food retail, automotive services and worked in Brazil,  Canada, USA, India, Sri Lanka and the UK. Prior to this he was Head of Global Strategy for BG Group which he joined after 8 years as a strategy consultant. He has also been the Chairman of a number of not for profit charities. He is an award winning Marketing Director, has a patent pending on a new type of charcoal oven, and has written a book to help people 'to think about what they think'. He started life as Telecoms research engineer and has an Engineering degree from Cambridge and an MBA from INSEAD.

In this session we will present the findings from the latest research on the state of financial wellbeing in the UK in 2019 and uncover the 5 key steps to build and execute a successful financial wellbeing strategy.

By attending you will learn how to:

  •       Build a robust business case for financial wellbeing that talks in the language of your C-Suite and Board
  •       Focus on progress not perfection to help employees with the greatest need
  •       Understand your employees to determine which financial wellbeing solutions will have the greatest impact
  •       Forge a positive company culture based on removing taboos around money
  •       Create communication strategies that will deliver the greatest engagement and long-term value