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Jakki Mills

Co-Founder - Beat the Stigma Network - The Insolvency Service

I was recently asked at an interview “What’s the best thing you’ve ever created?”. Well apart from my two children – it has to be setting up Break the Stigma (BtS) within the Insolvency Service. I’m just so proud of what we’ve achieved within a relative short space of time.

Having suffered from post-natal depression following the birth of my children, I realised the importance of maintain good mental wellbeing and developed my passion for learning more about it. I’m part qualified as a counsellor and wanted to do more in my workplace to help people who were struggling to deal with their own mental health issues or those of their colleagues.

So, in 2016 with the help of a group of colleagues (now firm friends) I set up BtS to raise awareness of mental health, break down the taboos surrounding it and bust the myths. Together we have become the largest employee network in the Agency. BtS has over 80 members nationwide and we have had so many successes, e.g. had Mental Health First Aiders and Mindfulness training introduced for staff.

In 2019, BtS were successful in being shortlisted for the Guardian’s Public Service Awards in the Wellbeing category.