The National Workplace Health and Wellbeing Conference 2020 will assess the latest practical insights in supporting employers to develop high quality health and wellbeing strategies which enhance productivity, improve employee satisfaction and support long term retention.

The Conference will analyse pertinent health challenges including mental health and musculoskeletal issues and explore solutions for employers in developing workplaces which minimise sickness absence and improve workplace wellbeing.

Reasons to Attend

leading insights into enhancing organisational management and HR functions to improve workplace wellbeing

how effective health and wellbeing strategies can be developed to improve workplace productivity, retention and employee satisfaction

how employers can effectively support employees with mental health challenges

health and wellbeing strategies in the workplace and how they can be improved to offer the best support to employees

successful initiatives for encouraging more physical activity in the workplace to address sedentary behaviour and improve the health of employees

insights into the challenges faced by employees with musculoskeletal conditions and how to be support their health in the workplace to reduce sickness absence and presenteeism

how to harness data analysis within the workplace to drive improvements in health and wellbeing

with leading health and wellbeing professionals from across the country to share best practice and guidance

This Conference is specifically designed for the wider public sector, Central and Local Government, Health and the Voluntary Sector. Typical job titles will include:
  • Human Resources Professionals
  • Directors of Health and Safety
  • Directors of Occupational Health
  • Directors of People and Organisational Development
  • Employee Relations Advisors
  • Heads of Occupational Health and Safety
  • Heads of Workplace Wellbeing
  • Health and Safety Advisors
  • Health Improvement Advisors
  • Health Improvement Officers
  • HR Business Partners
  • Occupational Work Advisors
  • People Development Professionals
  • Wellbeing Leads
  • Workforce Planning Managers

*This Conference is also open to the wider Public sector and Private sectors to encourage networking and debate.


A real light bulb moment, in how to move forwards the Health and Wellbeing agenda

HR Manager, Hertfordshire County Council

It was an excellent event, which had a great combination of theory and practice. Well worth attending

Employee Wellbeing Manager, Public Health Wales NHS Trust

The event was extremely insightful, informative and effectively delivered what it said the event was about. The speakers were all experienced and knowledgeable on the subject of health and wellbeing but also passionate and offered interesting and different view points. This was one of the best events that I have attended in a long time.

Health, Safety and Wellbeing Manager, Warwickshire County Council

Good event was good for networking and sharing ideas. Case studies and speakers were relatable and engaging, venue was lovely and not too small.

HR Officer, Hertfordshire County Council

It was great to hear some of the case studies and feedback on what works well in different organisations. Also incredibly useful to network and share experiences with other HR & OH professionals.

Senior HR Advisor, ACRO Criminal Records Office

A diverse day with a range of speakers and issues ranging from Government Strategy to real life Case Study in a major organisation and personal testimony of how an enlightened approach by an employer can be career saving. Especially good if you are growing a Wellbeing Agenda in your organisation.

Employee Relations Manager, Alzheimer's Society

I found this event very informative and engaging with an impressively high calibre of speakers. The content was want I was expecting and I came away with knowledge and ideas to research further for our organisation. A great seminar well done to all involved.

HR Manager, Windmill Hill City Farm Ltd